Ruth Cuthand

About the Artist

“[D]espite both planned and inadvertent genocide and assimilation, I am still alive
and kicking” (Ruth Cuthand, 1988, paraphrased)

Ruth Cuthand was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan in 1954, but grew up near the Blood Reserve in Alberta. A Plains Cree and Scots/Irish artist, much of her work explores the frictions between cultures, the failures of representation, and the political uses of anger.

Cuthand began her formal study of art in 1977 at the University of Regina, although her interest in art originated much earlier. Initially, Cuthand studied printmaking, but due to a chemical allergy she turned from the toxicity of printmaking methods to the less dangerous practice of painting. She ended up leaving the University of Regina to have her second child, but returned to art school at the University of Saskatchewan, obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1983. She continued her training in the University of Montana’s Master of Fine Arts program in 1985, while producing the important works in her series of dress paintings--a major breakthrough in her practice.

After obtaining her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Saskatchewan, Cuthand refocused her practice. The mother of two daughters (one now the important video artist Thirza Cuthand), she needed a new way of working, and began to create works in drawing and photography.

En 3e année, elle décide de devenir artiste
Nouveau look pour les années 90
Panneau des figures cibles
Pas de racisme, simplement une amertume sous-jacente
Portraits indiens, fin du 20e siècle
Série Living Post-Oka Kind of Woman
White Liberal Series
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