Wayne Goodwill - Young Hunter

I was born in the old Indian hospital back in 1941.  My doctor was Dr. Symes and he came right up to the farm here and picked up my mother and a team of horses, wrapped her up in blankets and a buffalo robe and drove her back to the hospital, and I was born the next day.  To me, I had a lot of freedom.  I was the oldest son of our family and where we live here today was my hunting grounds.  I did a lot of rabbit hunting and had some weasel snares out when I was able to walk.  And we attended powwows at the band hall that was built up across the valley by the church.  And those were very interesting years to me.  There was a lot of older people, and we talked our language and it seemed like they were enjoyable years in my life anyway.  We used snare wire which my mother and dad bought me and showed me how it’s done.  I’d set snares on the paths and alongside we’d bait these weasels using leg-hold traps.  And I had one trap and this is what I used to set all over the place.  I think I only caught maybe one or two weasels that I remember, there weren’t a whole lot, but I think that was a lot to me at that time.  In the summertime there was a bounty on gophers and I used to save all my gopher tails and they were a nickel apiece.  And that’s where I made my little money.  I wanted to make my own money and go out to sell them when we went to town, so that’s what I did.

Duration: 2:24 min
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