Wayne Goodwill - Trip to France

First of all they were stories told from my grandparents of how the First Nations Sioux used to paint on hides the story of their war lives and all that.  And I never did really see one until I went to France and I seen them on a hide.  And I was able to interpret them, and just by looking at them I could just about tell what was trying to be said with the painting.  Back in 1969 I was asked to go to Europe and as I went to Europe we were lucky that the French people wanted us to go to visit in France and dance in front of the Museum of Man.  We danced for them, we went to a feast, they showed us their tipis and their collections of art that they brought from North America.  And they had tipis that were hundreds of years old, and they had hide paintings.  And this is where I sort of got interested in looking at all this stuff.  And then we toured a museum and they had 20, 30 hide paintings that were Dakotas, Arikaras, Blackfoot.  They even had ghost shirts which all fits into my art.  The ghost shirts were used by our warriors.  So I came home and I told my wife about it and we started…I got some hides.  And there was an art collector from the Department of Indian Affairs that used to come around, and he came right to our house and took up one of my paintings.  And I don’t know how John Warner got a hold of it, but he got wind of my paintings, came out to the reserve, visited with me, and wanted at least 10 hide paintings.

Duration: 2:19 min
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