Wayne Goodwill - My Grandfather's Stories

And my grandfather was just a little kid when they were living in Wood Mountain, but his grandfather told him how his dad and that used to go out and steal horses from the Crow Indians at night.  They would sneak up on them, spy on them and know where all the good horses were, and they’d go in…and the more horses a person had…they were used for trading.  So the richer you got, a long time ago, there were no brands or anything…so once you stole a horse, it was yours.  One of the things...their families moved camp close to a good hunting area, and where there was water and where the buffalos come and drink.  And if there’s a buffalo jump, they plan on…they put stones where they can follow where they come back full speed…and you can’t see the buffalo jump until you’re right there.  So the buffalos don’t know that, so if they run them there, and the boys haze them, and the guys hiding behind on the sides with blankets, and they’d jump up and they’ll turn them, and they’ll chase them, and they’ll rush them right in, and the other ones will push the other ones over, and a number of them will fall over and maybe some won’t fall, but they’ll push each other too, just like any other animal that’s scared.  This way the women can just come there within a mile and start cleaning the buffalo, skinning and dry the meat, and take it back, and cook some…whatever they want.  So all these little stories come about, maybe six stories on a hide would make up one hide painting, maybe more…depends.

Duration: 2:14 min
Size: 9854kb

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