Wayne Goodwill - Hides and Ink

Well, first of all you think of a story and then what I do is I’d use ink and I’d draw out all my pictures.  And then once my pictures are all drawn in, I colour them.  And I colour them with different colours.  I use ink, and sometimes a mixture of watercolour, and that’s how I get my colours.  It works like ink, some of these berry juices, but I figure with the higher quality of India inks, it lasts longer and it’s better…seems like it holds better.  But if somebody really wants a traditional one, I probably could use red berries and the clay, using various colours of clay and rub onto my hide, and using the ink…maybe I can use chokecherry or something, willow…willow juices makes green.  First thing I do is I’ll clean it up, and maybe patch it here and there, and get a little bit of sandpaper and buff it up a little bit and clean it up and make it nice and clean, and I’ll spread it out and...Sometimes I’d, if I do a drawing, maybe I’d put it on a chair like this and I’d pull it down, and I stand here and I draw whatever I want, and I’d keep going this way…

Duration: 2:23 min
Size: 10502kb

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