Wayne Goodwill - An Artist from the Start

I had always been an artist, ever since I was little.  I made stick horses, cardboard horses, and I’d stand them up all over the place with riders and I think that’s where I inherited my idea of hide painting.  I had a friend, a cousin actually, from Wood Mountain, and we both used to paint pictures and draw all the pictures for the kids in Grade one, two and three.  We done Porky Pigs and different other cartoons for the classrooms.  And when they ordered something and they wanted something done, the nun would come to us and get us to paint.  We did a lot of sketching and I think we doodled quite a bit in class while we were supposed to be doing homework.  I went to an upgrading class of about 20 students and we were selected from throughout the province.  And I was already working for the Department of Natural Resources, and here I still went and write a test because they wanted me to finish Grade 10 and 11 in order to qualify to be a game warden.  So I said I’ll go to classes, and I’ll try to complete these grades and come back and see what happens.  Ok, they said.  So I went...went to school in the wintertime and in the evenings I took art classes at Balfour Tech.

Duration: 2:03 min
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