Victor Cicansky - On Why He Uses Vegetables in His Art

Why vegetables? These are tomatoes, of course, and I’m working on a series of armchair tomatoes. And I’m also working on a shovel where I want to pile up a little pyramid of tomatoes to see how they work sculpturally, and that’s why I’m creating these little tomatoes. (brushing a tomato) And this one is almost done, and then I’ll start assembling them. And they all need a little green top on them (places a little piece of clay on top of the tomato)…there… (brushing water on the clay tomato) the brush works great to refine little fine lines…there. And now we’ll stack them. The pyramids that you see in supermarkets, those pyramids, it’s kind of that idea I’m trying to play around with, but in a different context. (stacks the clay tomatoes) Well, it’s not bad, but it’s a bit crowded, so what it means is that I’m going to have to rebuild this surface (indicating the clay shovel the tomatoes are resting on) and create a shovel that’s probably, oh, another two, another four inches wider and a bit longer. The other problem, of course is once you fire it, it’s going to shrink a little bit. Most of the shrinkages happen because it’s dried, but I want some surface around the tomatoes, like this (circling the clay shovel with his hands indicating a larger base/shovel), so that when I glaze this up it’ll be red and yellow and orange and green tomatoes against maybe a black shovel, or maybe a gold shovel or, I haven’t decided. I’ll play around with different colours. But that’s the direction that I want to take this in. Can you imagine this being a centrepiece on a dining room table, like a basket or a bowl? It’s really kind of that idea that I’m sort of playing around with.

Duration: 2:36 min
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