Victor Cicansky - On the Technical Side of Art

The technical side is really important. Either you know how to work with clay, or you don’t. But the technical part can be tricky. Some people get so caught up in the technical part that they lose the imaginative and the aesthetics of where you could take this body. But you have to know what you’re doing with it - you have to know how far you can push clay, how hot you can fire it, whether it’s going to hold together, whether it’ll crack, whether it’ll take glaze - all of those things are considerations that are really important, and they’re technical. So you have to have a good technical background when you’re working with a clay body. And then you have to be prepared to accept all the kind of accidental things that happen. When I was doing a series of small pantries and then creating the kind of a background tile that was kind of divided up into little squares that looked like the prairie landscape when you’re flying over the prairie in an airplane, I had this one that was actually quite beautiful and it had the configuration of a farm building, in that sort of shape. And then it cracked in two places, which I found really annoying. And then the more I looked at this, then I begin to realize, you know, those cracks actually look really good. They look like little creeks, they look like little rivers. And so I refined it and then I used that idea. So, the archangel is always there somewhere and encouraging you to create, but also to value accidental things that happen that you have no control over. And you don’t have, in any process, a hundred percent control anyway. So when you’re at this long enough you learn how to take advantage of accidents that carry you somewhere else in your work.

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