Ursulina Stepan - Using Paper

When I make my fossils I also have to make the background for the fossils and I have to do…though I love in this case the drawing of the frog, it’s very tedious to draw the background. And so I started looking for paper that had some sense of design in it that I could print the fossils on and not have to draw the background all the time, but it didn’t exist. So the Banff Centre at that time had paper-making classes, so I said well I’ll go and I’ll make my own. And I did make my own and made it with design in the background so that the background was there and I just had to make the fossil. Some fossils, I cut out the shape, but even when they were on plate, I would have the background…this also when I got to the paper…I think that had I been physically strong I would have become a sculptor, but everything was so heavy and so hard that it kept me at the table. But when I made the paper I had this thing that was light and I could handle it, I could roll it up, I could make a piece for the whole wall that was 12 foot by 8 foot, I could roll it up and carry it. So I began, as soon as I started making paper within a year, I stopped making fossils for a while and I just made paper to make installations. If you are going to have big pieces of paper the thing to do with them was to make installations. So I was still very much on the earth, and so I made things like caves that you could walk through, and I made hoodoos which are rock formations. And not everything was land orientated, but a great deal of it was. And so it was having paper and being able to move it and carry it, and that got me into making installations.

Duration: 2:30 min
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