Ursulina Stepan - Home and Childhood

What I remember that would probably have been from my early life is walking with my dad through a forest. He was a lumberman and he would walk through the forest to estimate how much running lumber was possible within a lot and I would walk with him. And it made me very close to the landscape to be out there, not walking on paths like through the parks, but going through the rough and up over the logs. And I got a real sense of the difference between the linear line of the tree and the curves of the land which may have brought me into the scope of art without me realizing it. It was just the love of the land which is what takes me back to Nova Scotia. Most of my family are now dead. I was the youngest of eight and I would go back for two sisters who are there but also for the land. After getting an RN, I came to Saskatchewan with other nurses and I was astounded at the flatness of the land. I was actually scared of the sky. It was so big and so looming over me, and I longed for a break to look any direction and see land and trees and any changes, and of course the ocean too was missing completely. And I waited for the first fall because they all promised me gorgeous trees. And fall came and all of the trees were yellow and I tried to tell them the trees could be red and orange and gorgeous shades of purple, but the yellow was beautiful. And I stayed for reasons other than the landscape so the land is what brings me back to Nova Scotia.

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