Ursulina Stepan - Current Influences

In Arisaig there is this marvelous rock background probably 20 feet high. And it’s a very, very soft rock. And its layers are visible so that you can see very small layers of rock, and the different compositions that the layers made up. But the thing about it is it dissolves very quickly so that every summer the rock is completely different. And I love to go see what has happened and take photographs one year and take photographs the next year. And I have made rocks in my work that show these layers. I had one at the MacKenzie show in ‘01 that showed these layers and how they eroded into different and interesting shapes. They have fossils in them but they are fairly hidden. This is the piece of land that represents Nova Scotia to me and why I would go back. It’s the ocean and the rocks and the sand and I keep on going back there every year. I haven’t been able to get back for a couple of years, but I have a nephew who is an artist who takes pictures for me and is presently taking pictures of what I am currently interested in which is the line made by the tide when it brings in the seaweed. I call them ‘tide lines’, and they are seaweed with shells and dead creatures and claws from lobsters and a very interesting set of…they are curved…they are not nice straight lines, they are curved. You can see how the sand is different from one side that the water was on and the area behind the line where the sand was not disturbed by the water. So this is an area I keep going back to.

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