Ursulina Stepan - Creating Images

What I do is I take pieces of hand-made paper and on one I’ll print…I have about 13 fish images and I’ll print a number of these. And they are on little pieces of paper, and I’ll move them around, I’ll move them and think about them. I will lay my frames down, because the frames matter…where the frames are…it wouldn’t do if nothing passes over the line of the frame, something should be there. And I do this all over the table. I probably will print about three sets of fishes, and about 12 of each. Not as many of the big ones, not as many of the real tiny ones, mostly the mid-sized. And I will move them about, and when I like the composition I will paint them together. I use an acrylic emulsion that coats them so they are tougher and glues them all together. And the process comes out not in sketchings, that was done way back when I made the fishes, but I just print them and I have leftover pieces and they’ll go to the next one. So I just move them about. This animal extends to two different frames because I am hoping I can make the frame disappear. And if I am successful you will see the whole fish. At first you will see he has got a frame running through him and say ‘why did they do that?’ But I hope eventually you will see the one fish and the frame will have nothing to do with the image.

Duration: 1:59 min
Size: 8815kb

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