Ursulina Stepan - Creating Fossils

I started out after I decided that I’d rather be an artist than a writer, and I was a water colourist. And I liked the transparency of the water colour and I discovered that there was a print making (lithography) that used transparent ink that they layered into different colours. If you wanted orange you would layer yellow, and then you would layer a light red over it to get the shade of orange you wanted. So I was using these same transparencies that I had used in my watercolours into the lithography. And I had to take one more class to graduate. I had fought with the university for 10 years, that my art end was worth one science class and I could not convince them. So I was left knowing that I had to have one science class, and the one that would fit my schedule was Geology. So I got there and I really saw fossils for the first time. And when I saw the fossils, and I could see and feel the mark they made in the rock, they reminded me of the etchings that people beside me were doing in print making. So that I said I could take images, fossil images, and I could make my own fossils, so I made my own fossils. And there is a trilobite and you can feel it is a very distinct one, you can feel his edges. So I made copper and I etched the feel in it so that I was making my own trilobites, and that is what set me off for years and years of fossil making.

Duration: 2:10 min
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