Thelma Pepper - Thoughts on Wallace Stegner

My sort of bible in photography has been Wolf Willow.  I don’t know whether you’re familiar with Wallace Stegner’s Wolf Willow in which…his formative years were in White Mud, Saskatchewan in which he grew up in such terrible poverty and, nothing.  And then he became such a famous creative professor at Yale, I think it was, at Harvard University.  And he said, I think this is important for those little towns, he said I felt badly for my mother, but I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t been brought up in that dung-hole town, he calls it.  So isn’t that interesting.  And I think that’s true of people today.  At the university there’s a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry that was born in Neudorf, Saskatchewan.  And there’s only been two Canadian people that have won Nobel Prizes in Chemistry, and he was one of them.  And being brought up in Neudorf, Saskatchewan, and now living in California.  But a plaza was recently put up in his honour.  And so he wrote about why it was so important that he was brought up in a little town in Saskatchewan.  And the two things he especially mentioned was the closeness to nature, and the fact that you had to milk the cows.  You couldn’t wait ‘til tomorrow.  And isn’t it interesting that those things stand out as so important, influencing the rest of his life.

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