Thelma Pepper - Revealing Soul and Spirit

I guess I go back to Dorothea Laing.  She was the photographer that…I read her whole biography and I loved what she said about photographing.  She said anyone can photograph a house fire or an accident on the highway.  But with me, I wanted to show the inner strength of people and I wanted to get a facial expression that would show that.  For instance in the Highway 41, I was trying…because these towns are disappearing, and I wanted to show something about the spirit that was there when they were bubbling over with activity.  And I wanted to record what it was really like living there when they were vibrant and alive and especially…I didn’t realise how important a bar could be in a small town.  It was the centre of everything.  And people came in there and you didn’t have to buy anything, but it was just a place to come and visit.  And if you wanted to know where anyone was or what they were doing, I’m especially thinking of Tway, Lydia knew everything….you just had to go there.  I wanted to preserve that which I think in 50 years maybe, there’s nothing left.

Duration: 2:10 min
Size: 9730kb

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