Thelma Pepper - Printing Old Negatives

The printing part of my photography was, I think, really important.  I didn’t know at the time, but when I started over again and joined the Photographer’s Gallery, which is a rather prestigious photo place, it was known all over Canada, the prestigious Photographer’s Gallery…anyway, when I started there, I knew that’s where I wanted to be, but they were all young people and the new director, Dan Thorburn, he said "But age doesn’t matter.  It’s what you produce."  So, anyway, my first exhibition was the printing of these old negatives of my grandfather’s and father, and they weren't easy to print.  They were either very dense or very light.  But the thing that made me happy was that I think in the end all the prints looked as though they were great negatives that I printed them from.  So that was important for me, that first exhibition.  And I printed them, I think, really well.  And what if I hadn’t learned that?  So that was important to me, that printing that I learned from my father.

Duration: 1:49 min
Size: 8162kb

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