Thelma Pepper - Photography: A Life-long Passion

I started taking photographs and especially printing in the darkroom when I was a teenager because my father and grandfather were both photographers, and so I really was brought up in a darkroom.  I’d do most of the printing, but he’d [her father] do the exposure.  Anyway, it was exciting for us during the Second World War when we had a large airforce base just a mile from our home.  It was a Commonwealth air training base, and people from all over the Commonwealth came to this base, and they soon found our darkroom and you can imagine how exciting it was for these photographers who had all the modern equipment and papers, and they just came to our home…and my dad had such a passion for photography, but all he knew was from periodicals.  And so they came and they brought all this equipment with them and used our darkroom – you almost had to book a time!  And what an exciting time it was for us.  And I didn’t know at the time but I was learning a lot about photography.  And so I photographed as a student at Acadia and McGill, and then bringing up four children I didn’t have much time, but when they left home, I started again.

Duration: 2:02 min
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