Thelma Pepper - Honouring Pioneer Women

I wanted, after my first exhibition...when I was trying to honour pioneer women of Saskatchewan that I didn’t feel had gotten credit for what they did.  So from there I went to where they homesteaded, and one was was Tway, Saskatchewan.  Evangeline was great for telling me how the societal changes in Tway, and one I loved was, she said, "You know when you go to a wedding reception and you sit with the same person all evening," and she said "You don’t mingle with anybody else like you used to," and she always said, "Well I might as well stay home and sit with Frank because she didn’t see anybody else, there was no community or no mingling of people."  I said to Evangeline, "If you could go anywhere you wanted, what would you do?  Where would you go?"  And she said, "Well I hate the lake, and I hate cities."  And she said, "I just love where I am."  She has ducks and geese right on her property.  And she seems to name them all.  She has such a rapport with all her animals.  And she said, "I’m free."  That was her first reaction.  And so that’s Evangeline, and she’s free.

Duration: 2:11 min
Size: 9935kb

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