Ted Godwin - Why He Came to Regina in the '60s

When I moved to Regina…let me tell you about when I moved to Regina. When I moved to Regina, I moved here because Regina had the only Grade-A gallery that could show the work of Masters, west of Toronto. And I moved here because if I was going to grow as an artist I would need to see the works of Masters. What I didn’t know when I moved here was that I was coming to the most exciting city in the western hemisphere.

You know everyone says “oh come on, Regina?” and I said, "Wait a minute…a town less than 100,000." They had the only freely elected socialist government in the western hemisphere, and all of the great liberal intellectuals of the world came to little Regina to see, witness and be part of the great experience. I mean I’d be at a house party and back up into Aldous Huxley for God sakes, Aldous Huxley.

Duration: 1:28 min
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