Ted Godwin - Tartan Paintings
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The tartans are really interesting because…I went to Greece and in Greece I could buy acrylic polymer. See, this is terrific, because it freed me because I could use raw pigment and this plastic - just mix them together with water and paint. And Bob’s your uncle, and Fanny’s your aunt…it was a very freeing effect. I came back to Canada, and I couldn’t find it. I was trying to work out what the heck is this paint. So I said well you know I’m going to have to do a swatch…a colour swatch. I did this red and green swatch and it was very interesting. And it was a good idea because the horizontal of the earth, and man is the vertical, and serial indeterminate imagery so that one square is a painting, four squares is a painting, eight squares is a painting…well that just blew the gates open.

Duration: 1:44 min
Size: 7124kb

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