Ryan Arnott - Untitled (Egg Beater-Screwdriver #2)

So the title of the artwork is Untitled (Egg Beater/Screwdriver #2). I have made two such objects. And what it is, it’s a new object, which is a combination of two prior existing yet separate objects: an old fashioned egg beater, so I have an old egg beater blade from an electric egg beater, and I have the plastic handle from a multi-bit screwdriver. And they actually fit together perfectly in one second, but it took me eight years to actually have those particular parts that would come together and make an interesting art work. I actually tried a different egg beater blade with a different screwdriver handle and I didn’t like the way it looked, so I abandoned it, I didn’t make it at that particular time. And as I say, eight years later, I had a different screwdriver handle and this time it came together perfectly.

It’s an interesting object in that I hardly did anything except have the idea of bringing them together which is part of an aspect that interests me, which you could call conceptual art where the idea and the thinking behind the art is an important aspect.

The fact is it has a new function and that’s primary as an object to contemplate and think about and think about its meaning, and part of that thinking process is thinking about how it works. How the objects, when they are separate, work: how this works as an artwork…no one is going to admire my ability to make an eggbeater blade, I mean I didn’t make it. Part of the question with some of these works is, Do you value the idea?

Duration: 2:25 min
Size: 10087kb

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