Ryan Arnott - The Sense of Awe at the World Around Us

On the element of technology I do often think about how fascinating it is to see everyday objects that are right in front of us and actually to think about them a little bit more deeply. So in the course of making a sculpture using a hammerhead and a broom I’ve learned a lot about how hammers are made, how brooms are made, how eggbeater blades are formed, how screwdriver handles are formed. And it’s just incredible to think of…out there is someone who sculpted a form out of plaster probably, and then they had design meetings, and then they had someone make the metal part of the screwdriver handle and it’s got incised lines in it so you can grip it and turn it, and then the plastic part of the screwdriver handle; it has a cap and it comes off so you can put the bits inside. And there are hundreds of thousands of these throughout the world and it would literally take millions and millions of dollars just to produce one, but here it is. And so in a way that becomes part of the content of my own art in the same way that I am a viewer, and I think about this part of the object that was made by someone else. Now you are the viewer and you are thinking about something that I had made which uses something else someone else made. And part of it is an awe at things in the world - stuff that’s right close to us and was always there, always within my reach, always within my comprehension, I always had the ability to look at it. But until you actually spend the time and take the time, you are rewarded if you do that. So I think it relates to that admiring invention. But also as an artist it’s being inventive yourself as well. But I think that is part of it - is the sense of awe at the world around us.

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