Ryan Arnott - Hammer Broom

I was reading a book about an artist whose work that I quite like - his name is Man Ray. And a friend of Man Ray’s, Max Ernst, another artist, made the comment that Man Ray is the kind of person who would put the hammerhead on the broom. So I’m just reading this, and just out of nowhere I thought to myself “I should do that!” So I ended up with a new object, which for me it was really quite interesting. It was like a collage. In my two-dimensional work I have always liked collage, where you combine different things. So you take an existing image and you collage it overtop of another one and you make something new out of previously existing stuff. So I realized that that’s what I was doing except with real objects and so it was kind of like a sculptural form but I am using found objects. What I ended up with though was an artwork where the hammerhead touches the wall at a natural point where it was like the hammer would pound against the wall, and I angled the broom so that the broom was touching the floor at an angle that was natural for the broom to be touching the floor. And yet they are combining, and if you actually use the object you would be using them at the same time, which I got a kick out of. And then I realized that this is an object that is combining male and female in the domestic environment.

Duration: 2:02 min
Size: 8594kb

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