Ryan Arnott - Drawings of His Conceptual Art

I liked the way they looked also and so I did drawings of them. In the drawings I’ve now spent a lot of time on doing a drawing of an object that may have taken me only literally seconds to put together. The drawing could take hours and hours of belaboured work, and I actually try and make it very realistic, which is sort of the opposite of what most people assume a conceptual artist would be interested in. So that relates to my interest in drawing. There was the time in art school, in my early studies, that’s what I assumed art was - art is being able to draw realistically, and that’s something I had a facility at, but eventually realized that art is more than that. By seeing other artists who work abstractly…some of the faculty at the university, Ted Godwin from the Regina Five - you appreciate...you’re recognizing this is work of quality, it’s very different from what I do, but it is quality work so art is not just realism. Art can be many things.

Duration: 1:35 min
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