Ryan Arnott - Brush Flowers and Letter Shakers

An element that’s quite consistent with my work over the years is changing something that exists. And how you do that change and what the change is - it could be a shift of materials; it could be destroying an object’s function. I also have artworks that I made out of paintbrushes. By using the paintbrush in a work of art it’s no longer functional as a paintbrush but it becomes art, and in some ways it’s art about liking the materials that you used to make art. I also have a pair of salt and pepper shakers that I have actually put letters in. In the pepper one the paper is black with white letters, in the salt shaker the paper letters are white paper and black letters. And so I have kept the element of you thinking about how the salt and pepper shakers would work, but I’ve changed it. With letters inside, it implies maybe something else, a poetic machine or something like that. So it gets a little convoluted but I think some of this adds interest.

Duration: 1:33 min
Size: 6550kb

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