Ruth Cuthand - White Liberal Series

My dad is Plains Cree and my mother is Scots-Irish from New Brunswick. So we’re commonly called half-breeds by racist people. And I found early that it’s really hard to be a half-breed because people…it’s like you have to pick a side and you can’t be white because you’re half Indian. So the only side you can really pick is being Indian, and so that’s basically how I identify. 1990 happened while I was in graduate school and I remember the Oka crisis and whenever anything happens and there’s Indian people in the news then all sort of weirdos start making racist remarks. And I remember during the Oka crisis I didn’t want to go out. I wanted to stay at home; I wanted my kids to stay at home; I didn’t want anything to happen to them. And so I went back to my second year of graduate studies and I started doing drawings around the Oka because I wanted to sort of talk about it in a different way. So that’s when I was… I did the White Liberal Series for my graduate show. I had…some people wrote into the book and said that how could I say anything about white liberals when I was half white myself, and they sort of missed the point of the show.

Duration: 1:51 min
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