Ruth Cuthand - She Decided to Be an Artist in Grade Three

My father was an Anglican minister, and we grew up in Indian missions in western Canada, so I grew up in LaRonge. And then we moved to southern Alberta, to Cardston Alberta. Cardston Alberta is right next to Blood Reserve, which is the largest Indian reserve in Canada. And when I was a child my father used to take me visiting with him, and we would go visit Gerald Tailfeathers. He was a painter and he was basically a cowboy artist and so he was influenced by Charles Russell and those kind of cowboy painters. And I remember going into his studio and seeing all the brushes and the paint and the paintings that he did and my dad being really interested in his work. And sometime about Grade three I decided when I grew up I was going to be an artist. Lofty goals for somebody in grade three, not knowing you would be very poor for the rest of your life.

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