Ruth Cuthand - People Target Panel

There’s one with the three little figures. There’s an old man, there’s a woman and a little baby and they have targets on them. That one, the text is “frustrated, Canada’s new sport” and the figures are worth 50 points,150 and 100 points, I think. They had people in the cars and they had to evacuate them and they had to go…when they drove out, the road had sides and they were going to be taken out by the RCMP. And they had waited so long that white people had sort of gathered along the edges and they were very angry and so when they started to drive the people out, they were throwing rocks. And a big rock actually went through the windshield of one of the cars and hit an old man and he had a heart attack and died. And what’s really interesting to me was that they never laid any charges in that, even though the media had footage of the people throwing the rocks. They said that they couldn’t identify anybody to charge them. But if those had been Indian people they would have identified them and charged them. There’s really two laws in this country, and I thought that was a really big injustice.

Duration: 1:41 min
Size: 7425kb

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