Ruth Cuthand - No Racism Just Underlying Bitterness

Probably one of my favorites is the two figures with the Canadian flag behind. I really like that one. It sort of reminds me of the sort of Russian kind of propaganda posters where the flag is flying behind the worker. This one is the Canadian flag behind the two figures and they’re talking about that troops were used against Indian people in 1885, and in 1990 troops are used against Indian people again. And the text on there…Brian Mulroney said…some of the best stuff is the stuff that you can get right from the media, and Brian Mulroney said that there was no racism in Canada, just an underlying bitterness, which I really like that. It’s so Canadian. Canadians - we’re not really bad. We just have some underlying bitterness, which I thought was really funny.

Duration: 1:23 min
Size: 6248kb

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