Ronald Bloore - Win Hedore

Well Win Hedore almost got me fired. Ken Lochhead, Ted Godwin and I decided to put on a show based upon objects found from the Saskatchewan government garage. Because Ken had had on his desk, I think, a carburator or something but looked like an African figurine. We started to construct this exhibition. I went up with a telegram out of my pocket, they used to have telegrams back in those ancient days, and I read this telegram from Win, and I had to avoid the “she” bit. I somehow got that out and there were people nodding, oh how sad I didn’t have her there. Well you can see Win Hedore – God-win “hed” of Lochhead and “ore” of Bloore. My wife of that time had said to me, "We were so embarrassed for you to have this terrible exhibition," which is marvelous! I wrote a beautiful note about it. Well these were made out of various parts and put together…Please don’t touch them because they would come apart because, unlike the New York system, these aren’t welded together and nothing like that…They can be structured into new reconfigurations that we would like along the way. A radio chap, knew about it and he went around and interviewed people watching this exhibition. And he had a certain lady, it was actually marvelous lady but I won’t use the name, and she said “oh this is the work of genius”. On the radio program I came immediately after that and said “I am sorry that’s the work of three of us” - terrible play on sound, but that was okay. So that was Win Hedore.

Duration: 2:26 min
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