Ronald Bloore - The Challenge of Colour

"Bloore, how are you going to paint this? What hues, what colours, what tones, etc. are you going to use?"…because for many many years I didn’t use what’s known as colour. I was Canada’s white painter. But I had at one time up to 40 different tubes of white on my painting table, so I was seeing colour all the time, and texture, and what have you. They’re whites, you say, they are basic. You have got titanium, flake-white, zinc-white, titanium-zinc mix and those are the basic whites. But the companies always make a little bit of a difference. But I ended up only using no more than eight colours because even I began not to see the difference. Well I painted on masonite for many many long years. I started to do that when I was here in Regina because I wanted to use blades. You can’t use blades on canvases because of the pressure. And once the painting is finished, that is the paint’s on the painting, then I cover the masonite with linseed oil. It sinks in and it gives a warm quality to it, and people don’t think that they are looking at a sheet of masonite. That’s all it is!

Duration: 1:42 min
Size: 7104kb

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