Ronald Bloore - How I Became a Painter

I decided at the age of four and a half I was going to be a painter. But my parents decided there was no money in that. For me, fortunately, a war came along and I was 18 months in the service, and I got six years of university training - marvelous. In ‘45 when the war was over we were all so happy. Those of us who could, went to university. The whole world was opening up; you can’t believe what a gorgeous world it was at that time. Beautiful! The lectures, the slides and all of the rest of it, and the courses - surprisingly superb. That was U of T. I went on to the Institute of Fine Arts in New York, New York University for a couple of years, and then I ran out of money because the DVA (Department of Veterans’ Affairs) source fund got cut off and I went to Washington University in St. Louis, stayed there for four years, taught there a couple of years and then I went to England. But the details of that I will leave to somebody else. And I came back for two years at the Courtauld Institute in London. I ran out of money so I had to come back to Canada and I was fortunate enough to get a job at the University of Toronto, overworked and underpaid. I was getting about 4,000 bucks a year, and then I heard of a position out here for 4,500 dollars a year. I lucked out. You can laugh at that…this was a lot of money. So I came out here and I must admit that around Balgonie or something I guess I had my wife Karen stop the car and drive. And I said, look I apologize bringing you out here to an unfortunate interruption of prairie space. And it was a good six or seven years. Obviously things went well for myself as starting really to paint. Because all that other time I had been studying art history and archaeology not painting.

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