Ronald Bloore - Artist or Painter

I am not an artist. I am a simple octagenarian painter. Artists are people like Michelangelo, Rubens, Poussin or Nazanin in China or all the marvelous Egyptian art carvers, but we call them artists I think, for 2,500 years carving marvelous interior tombs, no one ever to see them again when they are sealed off. But gorgeous stuff, marvelous, unbelievable - 2,500 years of continuity. I like Chinese art because it has centuries, millennia of continuity. Byzantine art, centuries of continuity. In fact Byzantine art is still alive in a way out here on the prairies. Go to all those churches and there it is - still functioning. Whereas modern art from the Renaissance on is 500 years, no time at all – fleeting. A multiple of changes along the way and I take a look at all that and say, "Bloore you’re but a minor figure," but maintaining the concept that there is value in paint. Painting was dead a few years ago, but still alive and working and functioning for a lot of us.

Duration: 1:49 min
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