Patrick Close - Working Around Others

As I am entering painting and as I am beginning to paint I have chosen not to go back to school, but to learn on my own and from other artists. You don’t ever really learn on your own; you always learn with other people. Artists come together in groups. I work in a co-op studio with 14 other artists and we’re constantly looking at each others’ work, seeing each others’ work, talking about work and evaluating what we’re doing. I can remember, I was working on a portrait, the first portrait I had ever painted of someone. I was very proud of it because I walked up and free-hand drew the image onto the canvas and it was working…but the nose wasn’t quite right - it was turning in the wrong direction. And I had a parade of people coming through my studio saying, do this to the nose, do that to the nose, and so I really feel it was a group portrait, that it was done by the group. But that’s the way that you develop as an artist, how you work as an artist and how your art comes to you. In the end it doesn’t matter whether we’re in school or we’re learning on our own from a book or whether we’re just learning on our own. It’s always you learning yourself. It’s not what people tell you or profess to you, but it’s what you learn. So I really feel that all learning is on your own.

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