Patrick Close - Untitled 1976

When I took the photograph of the hand by the wall, I was photographing this particular woman that the hand belongs to, and she was not clothed. And we were making photographs and this is the image that I chose from that series, that I show and that I have circulated,and that is in the permanent collection of an art gallery. It is a more intimate photograph to me than the photographs that we took of her that were unclothed. When we look at Berger and feminist writers or second-wave feminist writers, then we have to talk about how genders perceive each other. The gaze is known in French as "le regard," and there have been many writers like Lacan and other people who have written about it. It’s a complex subject, but it’s basically whether or not there is an unfair power relationship between one gender over another based on the apprehension of that gender through images. But you know, the most important thing to me is if I make an image that has a woman in it, that I try to touch that spirit inside the woman; that I try to reveal the strength, the character, the weakness, the abilities, whatever it is about that person, that I try to reveal that in some honest way. If I can’t do that I’ve failed. I’ve just got a one-dimensional surface which just is a surface representation of the physiology of that person. If I can’t bring that emotion through and communicate it to the viewer in a positive [way] and a way that honours both me as an artist and the subject, then it’s not worth doing.

Duration: 2:17 min
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