Patrick Close - Interest in Photography

I was very young when I was first interested in photography, probably 10 or 12. And I began by developing negatives which my father had shot during the war.  He was a pilot and he had some negatives of where he was stationed in England, the bombers and things like that. And I took those and some other negatives of our family, black and white negatives, and I developed them in a closet at our house, using a candle as a safelight. And that process is a very simple process. You simply take a piece of photographic paper, place the negative on top of it, then place a piece of glass on over that to hold the register, and then you expose it to light and you take it apart and you develop it in standard black and white photographic chemicals. It was fun and I got to see what was on the negatives and I got to make multiple prints. I still have one or two of those prints around. They’re about the size of a credit card. The whole capturing of an image and holding in a way, in a chemical way, is a process that painters and people who drew for hundreds of years were trying to come to. And when, early in the 1800s when photography was invented, what was said at that time was from today painting is dead because photography had come. That’s not the case of course, but people thought it would supplant painting completely.

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