Otto Rogers - Teaching Part 1

I wanted to talk to you about this particular composition. It may be a little difficult for you to understand it right away, depending on how many paintings you’ve looked at, and how much you know about the language of art, because art, after all, is a language, and it would be like suddenly being introduced to a brand new language and you don’t know what the vocabulary is. And so at first it’s a little bit strange. Especially in the Western world where we’re more concerned with written language. We’re not really as used to visual things, so we don’t know how to read it, although you don’t really read a painting. Anyway, I wanted to talk about this one (pointing to the painting) because this one is based on a situation that should be familiar to the average person, which is the landscape. Because (pointing out various parts of the painting as he explains) there is a horizon line here where you could imagine at least that this is a horizon line. So if you think of this as a horizon line, then this becomes ground, or a field maybe it’s a plowed field, and this becomes sky, and I suppose this could become a mountain or hill that the sun is shining on in that particular way, and maybe this is a clump of bushes…I don’t know what that is…maybe this is the sun, or a star, or moon. It could kind of be a symbol. So that sort of is a beginning of what’s there, but really that’s not the main thing that I’m interested in. There is only a very indirect reference to landscape, because I’m also interested in structure and in form because in art, it’s the form that carries a lot of the message, a lot of the content.

Duration: 2:20 min
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