Martha Cole - Why She Works in Fabric

There are many reasons why I work in fabric, but certainly one of the main reasons I do, is we have a deep knowing of fabric.  We have been wrapped in cloth from the time we’ve been born.  So I bring that knowledge of fabric and that softness and that malleability to my work.  So if I do that work and it’s soft and it’s hanging on the wall, as well as wrapping us as it does with our clothes or with our blankets or with comfort cloths, I like to believe that people open to that work just because they also…we all have that knowledge, that deep knowing of textile.  I think that one of the reasons I work in fabric, is that it is a women’s material.  There is a long traditional history of women working with fabric.  I think there’s a certain groundedness that women generally have.  They are concerned about the livelihood of their children.  There’s a certain physicality in the sewing and the stitching and the making the clothes and cooking the food, and somehow that also fits in for me in my sense of place, in my sense of being rooted to where I am here in the province.  And I think all of it is reflective of myself and my place as a woman in this society.

Duration: 2:04 min
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