Martha Cole - Religious Symbolism in Her Work

At one point while I was searching for some names or something that I could pin around or get some deeper naming of my spiritual base…I’ve looked at many different religions and I’ve looked at many different cultures and different spiritual beliefs.  Certainly the mandalas were one of those which has a Buddhist basis.  The piece behind me here on the wall is a Native American base, with the turtle being the mother…the turtle carries the Earth on her back – this piece is called Homage to Mother Earth.  The snakes on the sides are symbols for regeneration in Neolithic, pre-Christian times.  Now of course they have become a symbol for evil and temptation within the Christian faith, but that is not their original intention – they were a symbol for regeneration because they shed their skins as part of regrowth.  And of course the spirals are always a symbol for energy, and female energy often.

Duration: 1:35 min
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