Marsha Kennedy - Nature and Politics in Her Art
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My work for a number of years and actually my lifetime as a person has been interested in nature and other species. And for a number of years one of the continuing strong themes in my work is the relationship of humanity to nature and other species. And sometimes that work becomes…well I wouldn’t call my work outwardly political, but all the questions arise from looking at the work certainly are political issues. I don’t make work that is propaganda art or anything - my work is actually…I try to bring a sensitivity to the animal or plant that I might be looking at and it’s that sensitivity to that animal or species that kind of brings the viewer in. And then there’s other things that might be going on in the series of work or in the one work that starts to ask questions. And some of my work becomes uncomfortable for people because there’s been work that I’ve done where I’ve actually used dead birds and that made people feel uncomfortable. They didn’t like the idea of looking at a dead bird although they were painted in a way that they were more funerary in a sense, they weren’t roadkill or anything. I didn’t show any blood or damage to the body, I made them very pristine specimens when I was painting them

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