Marsha Kennedy - Her Images Tell a Story
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I don’t necessarily have a completed idea of what I’m going to do when I start. I have kind of feelings, thoughts, ideas…it’s all fuzzy and I guess that’s the pot. And I throw these things together and that doesn’t stop until the series gets going and then I’m pretty certain of what’s happening and then I can plan out…and sometimes it doesn’t happen till the work is half way done. Maybe not quite that bad. But once I have a focus then it’s just work to get it done. And I love the magical part of the ideas coming together because for me that’s really exciting. And when things start really flowing…because when you throw out all these things in the pot things rise and I know it’s a relationship between myself and my work. But in a sense it almost seems like the work starts to make itself happen. It seems obvious to me, and so I let it happen. I’m its partner in making it come into being. I tend to want to tell a story and the stories that tend to interest me are things that I think are important for us to know beyond my personal interest and needs. I guess a big story now is climate warming. And of course some of the interests I’ve had with nature…I have always sort of felt from a very young age, that I don’t think we’re doing it right. And I don’t think we’re doing it right. I think culturally we’ve learnt to do things in a certain way because that’s the way you do it and you desensitize yourself after that. And again the way I make my work - the realism and stuff - a lot of conservative people really like that, so not that you have to be conservative to look at that. So they’re drawn into the work then they start to see what I’m talking about in my art. So I’m hoping to catch them, capture them on a personal level while they’re confronted with an image that they maybe don’t find offensive. But suddenly the issues coming up in the relationship of things I’ve put together in a painting might be asking them something that they maybe could be thinking about for a bigger picture.

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