Marsha Kennedy - Growing up in Rural Saskatchewan
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Well I only spent the first four years of my life in Rouleau but I do have wonderful memories. The house that we were in has been torn down, it was torn down a long time ago. But I did see it when I was older, a teenager. And I again experienced the funny thing…the house was a lot smaller than I remembered. But I don’t remember a lot…I remember getting out, I remember the grass being really tall because I was really small. But it was a rural environment and of course a very different generation than now. And Rouleau used to be a really wonderful little town because it was filled with a lot of nice old houses. The house that we were in was a two-story house and it had this wrap-around veranda and a big yard. And there was kind of magic moments to that too because one night looking out my bedroom window they had this fair going on, I guess it was this country fair and there were rides. I never went to the fair I was far too young but with the memories I have it held a kind of magic for me. I don’t know the influences from when I was young, what really initially got me interested in art. But what I do remember back in the ‘50s if you weren’t five years old when the classes started you had to wait a whole year to get into school because there were so…that was the baby boom era and there were so many children trying to get in the door. So I turned five in October and had to wait until the next year to get into kindergarten. So I do remember I had a sister who was only 14 months older than me and yet her birthday was in August so there was two years difference in our grade. But I do remember being home, my sister was at school, and I guess that might have been the first time I realized that if there’s nothing to do and you’re bored you can create your own world with your art.

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