Marsha Kennedy - Chickadees and Clouds

Well I’ve got again the cloth and a bowl that…I went and researched ancient Japanese blue glazing or cobalt glazing, and I took a pattern that I liked and put it onto that bowl and there’s cotton balls inside. And again it’s kind of taking something that is very domestic and again taking it out of the home environment and placing it in a landscape environment. And basically the chickadees are coming to the bowl and stealing some of the cotton. The one on the bowl has some fluff in his beak from the cotton ball. So it’s kind of playful in a sense, I mean chickadees for one - when you see an image of a chickadee they’re, just their essence, it certainly can’t be a really heavy painting when you’ve got a chickadee in it. I started doing some sky things in these miniatures that showed at the MacKenzie Art Gallery, and they were in a series of 31 or 32 little paintings and the whole series was called Face in the Clouds. So I was doing some skies then, and I enjoyed doing that and I thought, ok I’m going to try skies on a larger scale. And because with the still life series or other things I just have a black background, I wanted to try out some with the sky. And the sky here is of course very dramatic and very moody. And again the idea of a thunder cloud coming up or heavy clouds which are threatening, but again that’s what feeds us in terms of life is rain. I always was fascinated by storms when I was growing up; I was terrified. My brother and sister would torture me by locking the door and not letting me in when lightning and thunder were coming and I would be screaming to try and get in. And there was a period in my work where I had a lot of tornado clouds in my work because when I was really young I had repeated dreams of tornados and I’m sure that’s because of, what’s that film with Judy Garland…The Wizard of Oz…I’m sure somewhere in my psyche I think that stayed with me. But there is a fascination - clouds are beautiful and they give you a sense of sublime. You ‘re in awe and fear at the same time.

Duration: 2:59 min
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