Marsha Delouchery - View of Colour

Well, I sampled so many different subjects at the Nova Scotia College of Art but eventually I was drawn to painting, and that was really where my senior year was spent, doing all of that.  And the style of painting was hard-edge, very minimalistic and and lacking in colour.  Shades of grey, is what I painted.  Those hard-edge paintings were of architecture…buildings, grids almost…of apartment buildings with fire escapes, all done with masking tape and hard-edge painting.  And then when I came to Saskatchewan with that, I approached the grain elevator subject with the same style.  So I was painting large, large canvases of large grey buildings, which were the elevators.  So it was a very different view of a grain elevator than the traditional paintings here had been.  When I look back on it, I think I really did have a fear of colour for one thing.  I thought colour hid the truth or lied or set up…I had this notion that colour was a deceit of some sort and I wanted to be a purist, so I wanted just structure and composition and shape and form, and I needed to eliminate anything that would get in the way.  So I got rid of colour and just did these large canvases, like I said, that were shades of grey.  Of course grey is full of blues and reds, and grey is every colour but grey, or black and white is every colour.  But at the time it satisfied me that I had reduced the purpose of painting to the most important physical forms that it must have.  So I had convinced myself not to use colour, because I actually believe now I was terrified of colour.

Duration: 2:19 min
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