Marsha Delouchery - Ralph

I recall that there was a call for applications from artists to submit a proposal of an image that they would make to celebrate Saskatchewan’s 75th anniversary.  Simply put, I thought…I was at the time living in a little town called Ralph.  We had rented an old farm house.  I was working in Weyburn which is 10 miles away, and I thought, I had just finished all the work I did of painting grain elevators.  But there were no grain elevators in Ralph; they were long gone.  So my concerns were about disappearing towns.  So, my proposal though was to do, because I love maps, a sort of an aerial view of this land.  And I don’t even recall how I expressed that, but I certainly made a proposal to the Saskatchewan Arts Board, and I was chosen as one of the artists to do the whole suite, and off I went.  And then I developed the image, I looked at maps of the area.  I knew where the train went by, the low and the high areas around Ralph, and how the Highway 39 cut through that area.  The image got developed that way.  And then I had a silkscreen studio that I created myself, in the studio that I would teach in, because in Weyburn they had a facility which they used for art classes.  So I had a place to do it, I had certainly done quite a bit silkscreen printing…I actually printed it myself.  Not all artists do their own prints.  Sometimes you can hire, if you have the funds, someone to print it for you, but I was quite capable of doing that print and I knew that I could do it right in Weyburn.

Duration: 2:15 min
Size: 10154kb

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