Marsha Delouchery - Lampscapes

I thought I would pick something extremely difficult to paint, and that’s reflective, transparent surfaces.  So at Value Village I found this lamp that was just…this was my first one right here.  And it glows, it absolutely glows.  That’s impossible to paint, and I said, it can’t be.  So I did.  I painted it, a few times, this lamp.  Love it!  So then I would buy another lamp, and another lamp, and another lamp, and these things started to accumulate.  And I had to call them something – Lampscapes.  But by then I was taking the opportunity to take summer retreat opportunities, one of which I love is at Emma Lake.  And I would haul my paints and my lamps up to the Emma Lake summer classes, install myself there and paint lamps.  No pressure…they call it…Painting the Saskatchewan Landscape is the name of the class.  So, I don’t paint landscapes, but they let me come to the class and that’s where I started doing the Lampscapes.  And I’ve been doing lamps for three or four years now.  The lamps have a lot of personality.  As an item, it’s a pretty tacky cheap lamp, a reproduction of something else from a different time.  But in my painting I elevate it to a piece of jewelry that’s precious, and again, they’re quite big, so they take another life form on in the painting.

Duration: 2:04 min
Size: 8880kb

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