Marsha Delouchery - Historical Fiction

I was just…I couldn’t get the image out of my head of Wallace Stegner inhaling this incredible smell, and not knowing what it was.  And then suddenly, an epiphany must have happened to him, as he writes about it himself.  He suddenly realized what the smell was.  But it just catapulted him back to his childhood, and smells will do that.  They’ll take you to a place you forgotten about.  It sure happened to him.  He named his book Wolf Willow for the reason of that moment along the river bank of the Frenchman River.  So if you’ve ever been to Eastend, you would know the magic of that place, and the mystery of that place.  So I can’t get the image out of my head of this man standing by the river and suddenly it comes to him what the smell is.  I loved the idea, I just loved it.  Now my job is to figure out a way to make this picture.  I have no idea what Wallace Stegner looks like, well yes I do because I googled him, but what was he wearing that day?  Was he driving a car?  Did he walk down there?  What part of the river was he at when this happened?  I get to make that all up.  It’s historical fiction.  But the moment that inspired me was knowing that this actually did happen.  That’s exciting.  So my process is to figure out, do I want these paintings to look like a primitive painter?  The innocence that I love of those primitive, untrained eyes are great.  Is it going to be more of an abstract-looking image?  Is it going to be photo-realism?  Is it going to be somewhere in between?  Will it be a watercolour or an acrylic?  What’s going to work best to tell that story?

Duration: 2:12 min
Size: 9907kb

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