Marsha Delouchery - Domestic Expressionism

My art is informed by all of the different periods of art.  Because I am an educated person.  I know the periods of art history and what they showed me and taught me.  But they actually, in so doing, set me free. I could choose whatever suited my image, whatever subject matter I was doing.  I don’t know how I could ever be categorized because I keep jumping categories myself.  So I think I would just be a “turn of the century” – we haven’t named it yet.  But I named it “Domestic Expressionism” because I needed…I didn’t fit into anything.  So I have a picture of my husband changing the storm windows on the house but the house was this incredible colour of pink, because it was sunset.  And the shadow of the ladder…everything was just so beautiful.  I paint this picture of this person changing a storm window…what is that?  Well, it’s my world.  It’s what I see when I look out my window.  It’s around me, and it’s a subject I’m influenced by as my own life.  And I called all that work “Domestic Expressionism.”

Duration: 1:38 min
Size: 7393kb

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