Lorne Beug - How He Got Started as an Artist

I grew up on a farm, well a couple of different farms, one place about 60 miles north of Regina. And when I was about five or six my parents moved to about 10 or 12 miles out of Regina but still a farm, so I spent a lot of time by myself exploring, looking at nature, doing different projects, the kind of thing kids usually do, building forts and tree houses and excavating and that kind of stuff. I guess that probably worked its way into my art to some extent. I never really thought I’d be an artist when I was a kid or a teenager. I was kind of interested in science quite a bit. I I was interested in art too but I never thought of it as a career.

I did take a few art classes after I graduated in Anthropology and Psychology, but I just really took them for one year because I was kind of interested in learning about ceramics. And it was a very good time for me to do it because I had in the same semester or that same two semesters I guess…one year I had classes from Joe Fafard and Marilyn Levine…Marilyn Levine I guess was filling in for Jack Sures who was on sabbatical. So I had almost the experience of the two poles of ceramics - very technical and then the kind of looser expressive Funk kind of thing that was going on at the time.

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