Lorne Beug - Guide Book to a Ghost Town

This is a small book I made called Guide Book to a Ghost Town. So the cover has some graffiti from a building in Regina and then cracked concrete from a railroad bridge. And it opens…this is like a wrecking ball that you unwind to open the book. And then inside are all kinds of destroyed buildings that used to be in Regina but are no longer here, but as you page through the book they kind of pop up back in their old locations. So this is the old dairy building, this a building across from the Medical Arts Building, Capitol Theatre. So you can page through like that. The last page is a map that shows where they are all located. You can also spread it all out. This first one is a kind of a representation of Pile o’ Bones, what it might have looked like. So you can spread the whole thing out with the whole buildings popping up. The bases are photographs of different cracked concrete sidewalks and old floors. Some of them have tile inlays that used to be floors of buildings, this is some of the old brick from the destruction of the building. So I guess it’s suggesting that things could be different.

Duration: 1:44 min
Size: 7397kb

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